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École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

Postdoctoral Research Scientist.
  • Member of William Curtin's Laboratory for Multiscale Mechanical Modeling.

Northwestern University

Received Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Completed 5-year program in under 4 years.
  • Member of Ted Belytschko's Computational Mechanics research group.
  • Administrator of 22 node (176 processor) research cluster for Andrade/Belytschko/Liu research groups.

Case Western Reserve University

Received Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.


École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

Postdoctoral Research Scientist.
  • Currently researching nanoscale surface effects on core-shell nanodiamond geometries using continuum-level modeling, implemented as an Abaqus UELMAT.
  • Currently working to extend the Coupled Atomistic/Discrete-Dislocations (CADD) method to 3-dimensions.

Northwestern University, Belytschko Research Laboratory

PhD Student.
  • New technique for multiscale coupling for polymer materials, as part of a large-scale collaboration effort including ASU and UCSD.
  • Developed and published a new adaptive atomistic-to-continuum coupling scheme. Provides high accuracy with relatively low computational cost using localized, evolving molecular dynamics regions coupled with XFEM. Involves new techniques for adaptive coupling and atomistic to continuum defect coarse-graining. Code written in C++, using MPI and LAPACK.
  • Implementation of a level-set based image segmentation method, using variational parameters to eliminate the need for expensive reinitializations.
  • Modeling of a polymer nanocomposite reinforced with single-walled carbon nanotubes, using the LAMMPS molecular dynamics code to obtain elastic properties.

Sandia National Laboratories,
Computational Solid Mechanics and Structural Dynamics Dpt.

Modeling and Simulation intern. On-site May through August of 2007 and 2008, telecommuting from August 2007-May 2008. Returned summer of 2011 during my PhD as a Research Intern.
  • Implemented mortar method for finite element contact in Sandia's explicit dynamics code Presto.
  • Worked closely with developers on verification and validation of state-of-the-art implicit and explicit finite element codes.
  • Enhanced the coverage, automation, and output of a suite of test problems by creating unique scenarios and automation scripts.
  • Analyzed the effects on runtime and solution accuracy of variables such as mesh decomposition, number of processors, cluster properties and mesh type.
  • Compared simulation results across a variety of in-house and commercial finite element codes.
  • Developed procedures for regression testing on multiple different high-end clusters.

Philips Medical Systems, CT Mechanical Engineering Division

Mechanical engineering co-op position. Led four man team of co-op students, implemented change requests and tracked defects on extremely complex and precise mechanical systems. Designed and executed tests to analyze airflow, temperature, and rotational inertia. Required careful attention to detail and ability to complete tasks with very little instruction or supervision.


Northwestern University

  • Walter P. Murphy Fellowship (2008 - 2010).

Case Western Reserve University

  • Case Alumni Association Jr./Sr. Scholarship Nominee/Recipient (2007).
  • Provost Scholarship (2004-2008).

National Merit Finalist and Scholarship Recipient (2004)

  • Indicates USA national ranking in top 0.5% of high school graduates.